Who are we?

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This is Rebecca. 

Hi there. My name is Rebecca.

I graduated from Cambridge last year  and recently went back to give a talk on Mental Health. I stood up in front of an audience and shared. I willingly spilled my secrets: anxiety, suicidal obsessions and the particularly monstrous third of intrusive thoughts.

I think it is ridiculous that I can still feel ashamed of my mental health and I campaign about it. So how can I expect everyone else to speak up, listen and want to change.

I don’t know about you, but I never feel more alive, more happy and more in tune with who I am than when I am chatting to a good friend. One of the wisest of my friends is Ruth.

This is Ruth. 

Ruth has always been exceptional. A blogger, campaigner, leader, and unfairly witty. Did I mention she’s still studying at university and works part-time as a policy consultant at a renowned think tank? For her brilliant blog on tips for anxiety please check out: Ruth’s blog.

Ruth has anxiety. She also has the best toolkit for dealing with anything your mind might throw at you. Want to know what to do when you’re having a panic attack? Stop yourself spiralling into hopelessness? She’s your woman.

Ruth is the one you want to talk it through with. There could not be a better partner in crime for the Mad Woman Podcast.


This is the Mad Women Podcast. 

We want a different kind of podcast on anxiety and intrusive thoughts. Why can’t there be a podcast that’s just like having a chat with a best friend who is totally honest, kind and will make every inch of you know: you are not alone.

This podcast is for everyone who suffers from anxiety or intrusive thoughts and wants no bullshit tips, advice and practical strategies about getting on and living their life. Oh, and we’re beautifully unedited too.

Each podcast we cover a different theme. Whether it’s the challenges we face or what we’d say to our sixteen year old selves, we try to be open, perhaps too open. Our kitchen table, no bullshit, Mad Women chat.

Currently you can plug in your headphones and listen to us here on this website. 

Soon you will be able to listen to us via all the podcast hosting services we know you love– including

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We’ll be uploading about one podcast a week, usually on a Sunday.

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