Yoga and feeling pretty damn good

This week we are all about yoga and mental health. People attribute so much to yoga. For me, I know it leaves me feeling pretty damn good. 

So what’s it all about?

We are very lucky to hear Helen of the Bowmoon Yoga Club share her story, top tips and practices to help anyone else supporting themselves through anxiety, low self-esteem and panic attacks.  

This will be a special multiple episode series where we’ll get to chat to Helen about all manner of yoga and non-yoga things including:

  • Helen’s story- becoming a passionate yoga teacher and plant-based eater
  • Transforming our lives- sudden change or bit by bit? 
  • Why yoga?
  • Tops tips Yoga classes/ healthy eating/ positive vibes (the Bowmoon Club vision)
  • Advice on self-worth, anxiety and body confidence 
  • End of the journey or always a work in progress? 
  • Join the club. How you can find Helen in Hull and take inspiration from her journey in a few easy steps today! 


So here’s part one. Enjoy.


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