Magic Mental Health

Magic Mental Health: A Harry Potter Special

JK Rowling’s world of courage, dementors, ghosts and friendship just seems to get it when it comes to mental ill health. 
This episode, two of JK’s biggest fans (us) discuss the metaphors in Harry Potter that have helped us cope with some pretty scary times. 
Not a fan of the series? There’s still loads in here that might help you understand and talk about your depression, anxiety and intrusive thoughts. 
In this episode we tackle:
  • Dementors and depression
  • Horcruxes (maybe it’s not your fault you’re in a foul mood) 
  • Being an expert in defence against the dark arts (teaching others to face the monsters you’ve fought) 
  • Possession, Voldermort and intrusive thoughts 
  • And lots, lots more!
What about your tips and tricks? Has Harry Potter helped you or someone you love? Get in touch, we want to hear from you
Rebecca & Ruth x
HP special

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