#FOURTEEN: Wintertime Blues 

Darkness and gloom or falling back in love with scarves and log fires? 


This episode, which we actually recorded at the end of October, is a bit of a moan about Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Don’t worry it’s still packed with all our best tips for fighting anxiety and intrusive thoughts. For us, this season threatens cold rain and miserable evenings. So we thought we’d share our experiences of how to fight the temptation to be lazy and give up all your good mental health habits. 
In this episode we tackle:
  • Weird winter hacks (think vitamin D lamps) 
  • Importance of planning (like a bear gearing up for hibernation) 
  • Best attitudes and activities 
  • Making your home a beautiful cave to retreat to (bit of a bear theme here…) 
  • Happy food for a good mood 
What about your tips and tricks? How are you all doing? Get in touch, we want to hear from you
Sending huge happy winter vibes your way, 
Rebecca & Ruth x

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