#THIRTEEN: We’re back!

Chatting top tips refresher, wintertime blues, being a work in progress and a Harry Potter special…

Hello dear listeners and readers,

It has been a while. 

This little time apart has been good for us though. We’ve missed you. Thank you also to everyone who has written in. We love hearing from you.

We have had the time to have a proper think about what a refreshed Mad Women Podcast should be. We want to involve you in this conversation. What do you want to hear about? Do you want to be a guest on our show? Would you like us to get some experts on? Would you like to hear more about our silliest stories or more on the darker aspects of our anxiety and intrusive thoughts?

In the meantime, wow do we have a great few episodes recorded for you.

So stick the kettle on or head outside and enjoy the latest episodes of The Mad Women Podcast.

Our latest episode Top Tips Refresher can be found here:

Don’t forget Ruth’s brilliant blog post on her activity jar can be found here.

We're back!

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