#TEN: Mental Health Leader David Smith Part One

Special three part series interviewing the brilliant David Smith

We are very excited to launch our special three part series interviewing the brilliant David Smith, Mental Health leader, campaigner, Chief Executive of Mind in Hull and East Yorkshire and just a really great guy.
Don’t forget, if you don’t want to wait you can listen to the interview in full here:
I’ll be back soon with my brilliant co-host Ruth but in the meantime, sit back or step outside and we hope you enjoy Part One of the interview….
 This week, Part One
Every good leader has a why that drives them, but not all feel able to share their stories of vulnerability and hope, especially if facing the corrosive stigma around mental health.
David shares his journey of living with mental ill health to volunteering to being a top mental health leader and why we need a culture that encourages everyone, especially those with power, to talk about their mental health.

Next week


Part Two- Let’s get back to basics, what are the key pillars of good mental health care? David’s unique experience that has seen him work at the Retreat, steeped in historical revolution, a young man finding purpose through training and now running mental health services has led to his bold yet intuitive vision for mental health care.

The week after

Part Three- Pragmatism, risk and how to start your journey. Our final episode with David explores the tightrope he walks as a visionary and a realist, how he’d spend a million pounds to do something different in mental health and how YOU can begin to take some small steps towards feeling better and supporting others.

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