8 sites, books and blogs that changed my life

Please remember, if you need help, we are not experts. We can only share what has worked for us. For professional advice and support speak to one of the friendly people at Mind, Samaritans or- if you’re in the UK- the NHS or your local GP. 

Why I started this blog

The Mad Women Podcast and my accompanying blog are partly because I used to not know intrusive thoughts were a thing.

Getting diagnosed. Finding others out there. It changed everything. No one should suffer from intrusive thoughts and anxiety in isolation and fear. If we are finding ways of coping and getting better, we should share them. Hear more about the challenges I faced here.

8 resources that help me live with intrusive thoughts

In no particular order…

One. intrusivethoughts.org 

This site is incredible and I would highly recommend checking it out. Aaron Harvey, the Founder of the site, is a leading voice in the movement to raise the profile of this form of OCD. His site brings together the statistics and knowledge to equip you with the confidence to live a healthier and happier life with intrusive thoughts.

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Two. Pure by Rose Bretecher.

Read it. If you’re anything like me your reaction will be finally, the book I need is here. Check it out here.

Three. Ruth’s blog. Obvs.

It is just the best thing out there. See for yourself here. Believe me, that lady is going places. I’m not saying that just because she’s my friend. She’s my friend because she’s going places.

 Four. headspace.com

Headspace makes meditation accessible, breaking it down into do-able steps. I won’t say I found meditation easy at first, or even now. But I think sitting with that discomfort that meditation can cause is half of the value. Andy guides you through it all with a big smile. I am yet to find a more reassuring voice.

Five. Anything written, or spoken, by Brene Brown.

Although not specifically about mental health, Brene’s courageous work on vulnerability is essential for anyone wanting to live a bigger life, away from fear. For starters, check out: Brene’s talks

Six. Mind, one of the best mental health organisations out there.

There site is generally very good and they share people’s stories of intrusive thoughts. Check it out here.

Seven. Go for a walk, listen to these, and laugh.

Not anxiety or OCD related but just really, really good stuff. My two favourite podcasts are: The Guilty Feminist. Wittertainment. You are welcome.

Eight. The Whole & Healthy Live Podcast.

This podcast gives cheery yet fierce encouragement for you to go and create a healthier life, no matter how busy and tired you are. A healthier existence, even if you change just a few small things, is one of the best ways to feel empowered and worthy in the face of anxiety and intrusive thoughts. Their chatty episodes are so light and authentic they make the perfect company for long commutes or evening strolls. Literally has changed my life and is an inspiration for what we are trying to make here.

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